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The World Wants To See You Glow 


Our Mission: 

We provide access to inner confidence through safe, expert, medical treatments in a positive environment of respect, authenticity and integrity. 

We live in a society that reveres perfection and youth. We are all inundated daily with images through all forms of media  reminding us that we may be falling short of these ideals. This sense of dissatisfaction is common, whether you are 16 or 60 and no matter your gender. We celebrate the natural and unique beauty that each and every one of us possess, Our goal is to enhance the innate glow of each individual through education, innovation, ethical patient care and medical expertise.


Your overall health and wellbeing is paramount to us and we want to be a parter in your journey to the best version of yourself, where what you see in the mirror matches the vitality you feel inside. 


"Dr Wendy is the only person I will ever let touch my face when it comes to injectables and
specialized skin treatments. I have very sensitive and troubled skin and Dr. Wendy is beyond exceptional at making clients feel at ease.""

Summer O.

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